Anti-tragus + aftercare product 15 minutes

Service variants

Plain Titanium Jewellery
£40 BOOK
Synth Opal Pear (available in white, blue, pink)
£65 BOOK
Crescent Moon (available in silver)
£65 BOOK
Opal Disk (available in white, blue, pink)
£65 BOOK
Lightning Bolt (available in silver, gold, black)
£65 BOOK
Clam Shell (available in silver, gold, rose gold)
£65 BOOK
Teardrop Jewel
£65 BOOK
Duo Jewel
£65 BOOK
Round CZ Jewel (Available in white, pink)
£65 BOOK


This piercing is placed in the antitragus, a piece of cartilage opposite the ear canal and Tragus piercing. Our Anti-Tagus piercings are performed using an internally threaded 16ga (1.2mm) Curved babrbell made from implant grade titanium.

All our piercing services include free aftercare products and free jewellery downsize when its healed.

If you book an appointment with a jewellery upgrade our piercer will let you choose the colour variant in the studio.

Age Restriction: 14 Years and over with parental consent (16+ without consent), Parent or Guardian must be present in the studio at time of appointment.