Ear lobe + another piercing of your choice (Christmas Promo) 15 minutes

Service variants

single // no aftercare product
£30 BOOK
both // no aftercare product
£40 BOOK
Single Lobe +aftercare
£38 BOOK
Both Lobes +aftercare
£48 BOOK


// If you book a piercing in our studio before 27th of December, you will receive a second piercing for just £10! The charge is already included in the booking so select the first piercing you want to get from our system and then during your appointment, let our piercer know which one you’d like to get as the second. //

Our Lobe piercings are performed using a 16ga or 14ga needle and using an internally threaded 16ga (1.2mm) labret made from implant grade titanium.

Age Restriction: 12 Years and over with parental consent (16+ without consent), Parent or Guardian must be present in the studio at time of appointment.